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Our #1 goal has always been to make skiing and snowboarding more affordable for the masses. This shouldn’t be an activity that only the wealthy can afford to do! We are a small and humble ski shop that started from our home garage. We’ve skied and boarded on second-hand equipment our entire lives, and still do, even to this day! Almost all of the skis in our shop are priced under $200, snowboards are around $150 with bindings, and boots start at just $40. We’re centrally located in Colorado Springs at 2905 Galley Rd.

We are here to help, give advice, and get you out on the slopes for as little as possible!  Want to know where to ski in Colorado that regularly has lift tickets priced below $50/day?  We can help! Need to make an adjustment to the bindings on your hand-me-down skis? We can help with that, too!

We are a full service ski shop without the uppity attitude and big prices!

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We have are one of the largest inventories of used ski equipment in Colorado.

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We’ll get you fitted for free and give you plethora of ski boot options to choose from!

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From snowboard decks to bindings to boots, we can get you set-up to rip!

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We carry a line of new skis, boards, bindings, and boots to ensure we’re stocked to meet the needs of our customers!


Aaron and Jessica started Rocky Mountain Ski + Sport in 2018… and totally by accident.

After moving to Colorado in 2017, a bunch of Aaron’s family decided to fly-in from out-of-state for a ski trip. Rather than rent, most of the family members wanted to just buy some used gear and store it at the Jessica & Aaron’s home. After unsuccessfully finding any business in town that offered affordable used ski equipment, the pair bought up whatever used skis and boots that they could find from individuals selling. The ski trip was successful, but the pair ended up with a few extra sets of boots and skis, so the “Ski Garage” was started. 

Originally named Rocky Mountain Ski Garage, Jessica and Aaron started selling and servicing skis from their home garage in Colorado Springs. In October of 2020, the business expanded to a retail space in the center of Colorado Springs to accommodate expanded inventory, expanded hours, and to offer ski and snowboard rentals. With the move to the retail space, the “garage” part of the name no longer worked, so Rocky Mountain Ski + Sport was born.

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We’d love to hear from you! Have a question about skis, snowboards, or just want to chat. Give us a call at (719) 357-8820 or fill out the form below.