Custom ski boot fitting

Only trust your boot fit to a Master Bootfitter!

The saying goes: you marry your boots and date your skis/board. Let us help get your boots dialed in so that you can get back to enjoying your time on the slopes rather than sitting in the lodge cursing your boots!

We offer an industry leading 2 Year Fit Guarantee on all new boots that we sell if you add custom Superfeet insoles!

Our certified Master Bootfitter will start by taking a few measurements and asking some questions to identify the best boot for you. If you already have boots, we’ll take a look at what can be done to make your current boots fit better. After the proper ski boot for you has been identified, we’ll create a custom footbed that perfectly matches your foot and is custom shaped to fit inside your ski boots. The footbed is one of the most overlooked aspects of boot fitting yet it provides critical support, comfort, and balance. Finally, we’ll make minor adjustments to the boot shell and liner to ensure the fit is perfect!
* 1/2 hour minimum.

Utilizing the industry leading Superfeet custom footbed machine, we are able to create a mirror image of your foot so that you get the perfect amount of balance, support, comfort, and performance from your ski or snowboard boot. This process takes approximately 15-20 minutes and you will leave the same day with your new insoles. 

Most ski and snowboard boots have heat moldable liners, meaning the liner will mold/shape to your foot when the correct amount of heat is applied. This is a great way to make new boots fit like a glove quickly!

*Custom liners or a shell heat molding adds $20 to the price.

Other Boot Modification Services
Boot Punch/Grind:
$25 for the 1st; $15 for each punch/grind thereafter
Snowboard Boot Stretch: $25 per boot
Heel Lifts: $15
Volume Shims: $5
Ankle Wrap/J Bars: $15
Boot Tongue Padding: $5 to $35 depending on fix needed
Foam Padding: $5 per inch
Boot Heater Install: $50

Custom ski boot fitting